Membership Information

San Antonio Rose Chapter Membership

Membership in this organization affords mothers and daughters the opportunities to participate together in philanthropic work, leadership development, and cultural experiences.

Membership requires a serious commitment of time and service as well as a financial obligation.   Mothers living in near northeast San Antonio with daughters in the 6th grade are eligible for the San Antonio Rose Chapter membership process.

During the fall of the daughter’s 6th grade year mothers must attend an Informational Meeting to hear more details about membership and membership requirements.  Each mother must be sponsored by an Active member of the Chapter who is in Good Standing.  This Active member is the “Sponsor”; applicants must also have a “Co-Sponsor” who may be either an Active or Provisional member of the Chapter.

After attending the Informational Meeting, meeting with her Sponsor and Co-Sponsor, and gaining a thorough understanding of the annual membership requirements for both mothers and daughters in terms of time, service, and financial obligations, an interested mother may complete an Application Packet.

Applicants are placed in a blind draw in the spring of the daughter’s 6th grade year.  Applicant names are associated with a number; numbers are literally drawn out of a hat to build a Class of rising 7th graders.

The number of Applicants admitted each year is limited to the daughters’ class size as established by the Chapter’s Board each year.  Generally, the Chapter admits as many mothers as necessary to create a class of approximately 22-24 girls.  (However, all Applicants are drawn and a waiting list is maintained until the acceptance deadline.)

Orientation for both Mothers (“Patronesses”) and Daughters (“Ticktockers”) is held in the late spring of the daughter’s 6th grade year with the experience officially beginning in the summer prior to the daughter’s 7th grade year.  The Ticktocker experience is a total of six years (7th – 12th grades).

To request more information about membership please email the Chapter’s leadership at or fill out a Membership Inquiry Form.

*Applicants may only submit one Application to one Chapter.  Applicants may not apply to more than one Chapter in a particular geographic area.

*Applicants that are not admitted to the Chapter may inquire with NCL, Inc.,  about starting a new Chapter.